Phew..what a day.

Just sat down for a much needed cuppa before bed and logged in to say goodbye for a fortnight.

It has been a day of highs and lows. DS is so excited and has drove me crazy asking repeatedly 'where am I going tomorrow'..

DD on the other hand is utterly devastated and coming to terms with news this morning that one of her friends was killed last night. A car collided with him when he was riding his bike - he later died in hospital. She has only been home a couple of hours and I have had to guide her through her packing in between phone calls, MSN and Facebook. She has beenwith her friends all eveningand they went to lay flowers at the scene :(

So I can't feel is so wrong to. A lovely young lad, Lewis, just 16 years old has lost his life. All I can think of is his parents :(

In the words of Jerry Springer - take care of yourselves..and each other