Day 2

Monday 10th August 2009

The Flight

Was rudely awoken at 5am by the family next door who obviously had an earlier flight than us! That was after being woken up at some stupid hour by Robyn talking in her sleep and asking me if there was any sky on the roof! Less JD in her coke next time me thinks!
Kids soon woke up excited and Jack and I sat in my bed watching planes taking off and landing over the car park right outside our window. Luckily the windows are well glazed as there was no sound to compliment the view or I might not have been so pleased to see so much activity at that time of the morning.
We were soon showered and dressed before making sure we had no illegal liquids in our hand luggage. We cleaned our teeth with warm water again then left the room to check out. Managed to persuade the receptionist to let us keep the room key to scrapbook but no free pens this time as they have changed them to a chunky style and arenít so willing to let you take them out of their sight!
As we got closer to security we notice that there was no queue. Damn I was hoping to go straight past the line Universal styly! Apparently the system had crashed at check in and everyone was held up there so no need to use our fast track voucher after all.
Security is the bit I absolutely hate and without fail always gets my stomach churning. I know everything in our bags is ok and that all liquids are under 100ml and in plastic bags but Iím always relieved to get through this bit. On our last trip Robyn was pulled to one side and searched before I was even through the metal detector and as she was only 13 it upset her a bit.
This time we sailed through and put all our bits in the tray for x-raying. Mine and Robynís came straight back out so we picked them all up and moved forward but we could see Jackís tray had been put to one side. No one said anything so we just waited. I had to ask what was happening and Jack looked close to tears thinking heíd done something wrong.
They said that they wanted to check the liquid that Jack had in his clear bag. As Jack had turned 13 3 weeks previously and overnight the teenage problems had appeared he had some spot lotion with him. Not thinking, I told him not to bring the whole bottle and we decanted 100ml into a clear bottle just to last the 3 weeks. Of course that clear bottle had no identification on it as to its contents and started alarm bells ringing. It was at this point my heart started racing and words fell out of my mouth at 100 miles an hour trying to explain what it was! I felt sick!
The security man had a straight face the whole time we were stood there waiting for him to make his checks (he even checked the hand sanitizer spray and did checks on Jackís mobile and IPod) then he looked up at us, smiled, said thank you and told us we were free to go!
I was shaking like a leaf but so relieved to be through and in the departure area!