Donna and I left Virginia yesterday morning at 5:30 and arrived here in northern Florida about 6:30PM. We are at Donna's mom's house. Will be here until Friday when we head for Disney. Smooth ride down, cloudy all the way then rain when we hit Georgia. Bits of rain from sprinkles to hard downfall the rest of the way through Georgia (120 miles) but Donna did manage to spy a beautiful rainbow. Sunshine, for the most part, once we hit Florida. Decided to try a different route in to Mom's off of the interstate and got lost so had to call her. LOL Mom had spaghetti sauce cooking so we had a nice spaghetti dinner with fresh tossed salad for dinner. Went to bed around 9:30 and slept like a log until about 5:45. Not sure what we will be doing today.

Friday we head to Disney, as I mentioned. We'll be at POR. Meet some friends (never met them before, but Donna knows the lady from another web site) at JIKO for dinner on Friday. Then somehow we are planning on hooking up with Wendy & Chris and Terry and Sue. We have dinner planned with them at YSH on Tuesday the 6th.