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Thread: Three go mad in Munich- Day 1

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    I was really looking forward to this trip as our last one to Berlin had been such a success. I know that my two teens were not, but by the end of the three days they admitted that they had had a great time. We were up with the lark at 5pm and at 5.20 were on our way to Stansted. With the car tucked away in the Long Stay, we checked in with plenty of time. There always seems to be a problem at the airport for us and this time was no different. Seemingly my case (which had never been a problem before was too big for hand luggage) and had to be quickly tucked into the main suitcase. Anyway, we managed to get away on time and the plane was jam packed. It was a pleasant enough flight and we managed yet again to get the more spacious exit seats.
    We arrived in Munich on time. It is a lovely modern airport with lots of facilities. We made our way to the central area and bought our 3 day tickets for the whole transport network. I should say that Munich has a fabulous integrated train, underground, tram and bus network and the city is swimming with bicycles. We caught the S8 S Bahn (mistake as the S1 is much faster) and 45 mins later we were at Laim station. We then caught a bus to our hotel just 5 mins away.
    The Hotel Laimer Hof is a lovely little hotel, just 3 mins walk away from the magnificent Nymphenburg Palace where the now defunct Royal family live and 8 minutes away from the Hirschgarten (beer garden).Sebastian, the hotel owner sat us down and talked to us about all the places we might want to visit and provided us with lots of maps. Michael thought it was a very good idea to go to the Biergarten, especially when Sebastian told him that the legal age for drinking was 16.
    We dumped our luggage in our room (very nice) and off we trotted to the Biergarten.

    Michael's target for today was to a) buy a curry sausage and b) buy a stein of beer. We all shared this giant pretzel too!

    Mission accomplished, we sat down and enjoyed an hour watching the world go by and just taking it all in. We then headed off to Munich City Centre . Seb had told us that it was best to get off the S Bahn at Karlsplatz and walk to Marienplatz as all the main shops were located along that stretch. What a pleasant walk it was.

    The shopping area was a real pleasure to walk through. In true Germanic style it was scrupulously clean, but what was really nice was the way so many of the buildings were covered in summer blooms.

    After making our way past all the street entertainers and street artists, we reached Marienplatz, the very heart of the city. We stood and took it all in for a few minutes and had a look at the very famous Old Town Hall and its' glockenspeil.

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    The glockenspeil are a real crowd pleaser. Every day at noon and 5pm the clock strikes and the figures move around the clock. It was about 3.30pm, so we decided to go for a walk, have some coffee and then come back. We wandered into the courtyard of the town hall, where there were several restaurants! What architecture!

    The building was stunning. Michael got into silly form however.

    We headed off down a side street and yet again there were beautiful shops and a lot of street entertainers. We chose a lovely spot to sit down in beside a trio playing classical music. We drank coffee, soaked up the sunshine and listened to Mozart. It was heavenly!

    About 4.30pm we headed back to Marienplatz where the crowds were beginning to gather for the chimes. At 5pm the clock struck and the figures began to move. It was lovely watching the little figures go round and listen to the music play.

    Now, I should have known better, as I have a fear of heights. Half way up I was both cream crackered and terrified, but there was no going back. Finally I made it, but I was shaking in my boots. I could barely look over the sides to take the photos, but I did manage a few! The view over Mariensplatz as well as the city was breathtaking.

    Mind you, I was glad to get down those steps again. I had to sit down quickly and reach for the Ibufropen. It took a lot out of me I can tell you.

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    After I gathered myself together I decided to have a look around the Viktualienmarkt Food Market. It was very interesting.

    There were lots of butchers, bakers, fruitiers as well as cafes, juice bars and a biergarten.
    This is the old fashioned barber's shop

    One of about 20 butchers

    The Biergarten

    Walking back.

    We finally left the Marienplatz area around 7pm. We got back to the hotel around 8pm, freshened up and headed out for a pizza. It was a local restaurant just a few minutes walk from the hotel. We were so tired at this stage we couldnt be bothered to go further afield and it was fine. We had a crazy waiter who kept talking to himself so that was the entertainment sorted. I had a pizza with ham and mushrooms, Kathryn had one with prawns and Michael had lasagne. Best of all was the molten chocolate pudding with ice cream, cream and coulis. I forgot the pic as we were all so keen to get launched into it! It was delicious.

    We walked back to the hotel in the balmy evening heat, having had a fantastic first day in Munich. I just knew the rest was going to be good.
    Tomorrow our trip to the Bavaraian Alps, Linderhof and Neuschwanstein Palaces and Oberammergau.


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    what alovely report!

    seems like you had a great time!

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    Thank you so much for taking us along this trip!!

    First off, those buildings are just wonderful! Breathtaking! And secondly, the food looks so yummy!

    Your photos are beautiful!

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    Just WOW!

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    Great photos. I haven't been to Munich in years. I LOVE Munich, especially the biergartens. LOL. Your report really makes me wish I was still living in Europe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uscwest, post: 168301
    Great photos. I haven't been to Munich in years. I LOVE Munich, especially the biergartens. LOL. Your report really makes me wish I was still living in Europe.
    You will have to go back sometime. I cant believe that I am the age I am and have only just started going to mainland Europe for short breaks now!! My next port of call has to be either Salzburg or Bruges. :smile:


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