We fly to America in 2 weeks time. we are having 5 nights in New York, 3 nights in San Francisco, 7 nights in Hawaii and 2 nights in L.A.
We are going for my daughters 21st birthday and I'm taking her to Tiffany's to buy her a bracelet as well as doing some serious shopping out there!!!
We are taking a fair bit of money with us and as the rate isn't too good at the moment, can anyone suggest the best way of doing this.
I really dont want to take a lot of dollars with me and travellers cheques are too much hassle, shall we just take sterling and change it out there ( means carrying lots of cash tho) or just use our debit cards and withdraw about $150 at a time ot just use our debit cards as we would here?
Have looked at the passport card but have been warned of hidden charges with this.
Any advice?
Love Rio