We've been to Kennedy 3 or 4 times in the past and I actually like it more and more each visit. I think what did it for me was actually watching a shuttle launch...it got me intersted in the whole space travel thing.

The park never seems full and quite often it is as if you have the whole place to yourself. In fact....here is the only time I have seen the ocean around Florida! You get to see some of the local wildlife too running around where it should be with no barriers or glass panels.
I remember our first journey by car from the Orlando area. We were only about 15 minutes from KSC when we started to see some amazing birds and the cutest armadillo on the planet. A couple of minutes later, some wild pigs came running over the road....I was thrilled

Have you tried the new ride there? DH and a friend went on it last year but weren't too impressed!

We did the photo opportunity that makes you look like you are in a shuttle in space. You lie on a box and pose as though you were floating in the air. This is all against a blue background. Once the photo is developed, the blue has gone and is replaced with a shuttle interior.

What are your opinions of KSC?
Do you think it needs more to attract younger children?