Ok, where to start?

Dawn had explained there was an amount left over from your generous collection after sending the flowers and the rosemary tree.

Yesterday I opened an envelope containing a lovely card in which Dawn had written some beautiful and extremely moving words.

Inside the card was a cheque, i was expecting to read the words "twenty something"....

My brain was numbed when i saw the first 2 words "One Hundred"


so i started again "One Hundred and Forty Three Pounds"

HUH? I don't understand.

start again,.....143. It definitely says that.


With your generosity the total for Sarahs Fund has reached 750! How fantastic is that?!

Thank you so very, very much everyone - you are all the most amazing friends ever!

Sharon and Martin are absolutely astounded by your care and kindness. They are so moved to know how Sarah touched your hearts, and though they don't feel able yet to thank you themselves they have asked me to do so on their behalf.