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Thread: Driving home after your flight!

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    Next year when we go to Florida we dont have much of a choice but to drive to the airport and home again. When we have been before we have gone by train and also a minibus as there was alot of us, but this time neither of those are an option. On the way home both dh and i are shattered as neither of us seem to sleep much on the plane so im a little worried about the journey back - how have you all coped with it? did you find it a strain and wouldnt do it again or was it perfectly fine?

    Thank you in advance!

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    i guess it depends how far you have to drive. I find it really hard and don't think that i would do it again. Dh does sleep on the plane and has to be awake for long periods of time in his job so is used to it and i feel safe with him driving.

    If you're worried you could always stop in a cheap hotel and have a sleep before driving. Lots of people do it and they seem ok

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    We have aboout a 2hr drive to get home
    A friend of my sister and her husband drove home from gatwick after coming back from florida, the first time they did it they stopped on the way home at a hotel and had a sleep - she said it was awful and they felt dreadful on the drive home, second time they drove straight from the airport and he was fine!

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    DH has drove home after the flight - only 40 minutes and has been ok. He won't have any alcohol at all on the flight home.

    Got back this morning and I had to drive DH to garage today to collect his new car. I must say I felt a bit tired and weird after not driving for a fortnight.

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    We have just over a three hour drive back from Manchester airport. After an hour into the journey, DH pulls over at a service station and we both have an hours nap!

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    I'd see how you feel at the time, just make sure he drinks plenty of water on the plane as dehydration is what usually makes me feel worse after a flight
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    I always fall asleep... even though I sleep on the plane so I wouldn't dare risk it for us... we all sleep in the taxi back.

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    Thanks everyone! I think im going to look into booking us into somewhere after we have landed, i cant run the risk of driving back - and i know there is absolutely no chance whatsoever of me sleeping on the plane (i am a dreadful flyer!!)

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    We have a 6 hour journey home and have always driven it. Its hard but all drivers have a stint at driving. Dh will be doing it this year as he is use to driving during the night. He can sleep any were as well so i guess he will not have an issue in uc.

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