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absolutely, there nothing better than a camcorder tho its what its made for, camera are ok for small movies tho i guess
I feel like I'm always the disagreeable one but anyway...

The sensors in the camcorders, especially consumer ones, tend to be positively tiny v SLRs. Then the lenses you can get for the Dslrs are amazing v. the built in camcorder ones. The low light capability of that canon T1i with a cheapy 50mm f1.8 lens, well let's just say wow.

They don't take up any more memory on a DSLR than they would on a modern HD camcorder so that's not really such an issue any more.

Not that it's all rosy, some things like autofocus during filming tend to be better on the camcorders but for quality of video, you'd have to pay way more than what you'd pay for that canon before you came anywhere close with a camcorder.