A new program reportedly called "the basics" is being trialled at Pecos Bill Tale Inn, Columbia harbour house, Pinoccio Village Haus and Cosmic Rays Starlight cafe.

The idea is to make the ordering process and experience quicker and less frustrating for guests at busy times.

Guests are met at the entrance by a greeter and given menus. From there they go to a register to place the order. They are then escorted to an available table by another cast member.

The idea is to avoid the situation where guests split their party up sending one to order whilst one saves the table. A practice which according to some managers can use up 1/3rd of tables with no one actually eating on them creating even more of a backlog.

These are part of a range of measures being trialled to try and cope with the capacity problems being experienced due to the remarkable success of the dining plan.

Success for Disney Dining does not always correspond with successfull experiences for guests however who now regularly complain about constantly full restuarants.