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    Has anyone ever been to Jetty Park near Port Canaveral. There is a rocket launch whilst we are there and this is one of the recommended places to watch from.

    Just wondering if anyone knows what it is like or could recommended anywhere else to try and view a launch from??

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    It is a very popular place to watch the launches from. It will be JAMMED so if you wish to go there, plan on going much earlier than the launch.

    A rocket launch may not be as heavily attended as the shuttle launches are.

    There are a couple of decent places to eat at the marina, so you could combine the trip with a meal if you wanted. Also, you can do a charter for deep sea fishing too, if you wanted! Make a really full day of it!

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    There IS a shuttle launch scheduled in November. I would encourage EVERYONE to view a shuttle launch at least once in their lives. It's incredible. The sonic booms that you get afterwords are CRAZY and louder the closer you are to the launch site. For more info go Keep in mind that shuttle launches are highly sensitive and can be cancelled for weather and technical issues. They rarely launch at the initial scheduled date & time.

    If it is a Shuttle Launch, you could try Veteran's Park in downtown Titusville. I watched a night launch there. AMAZING! I was shaking. It was a thrill.

    You can pretty much see them anywhere along the coast, I-95 in. I live in the Daytona area and just go out to the beach. Not the same as seeing leave the launch pad but, it's always an incredible sight. I go as often as I can. I rarely miss a launch!

    If it's just a rocket launch, I don't know if it would be that worth it to go. Rocket launches are a dime-a-dozen and they travel SO much quicker than a shuttle so...Go if you must, but consider yourself informed. You'll only get to actually watch it for about 20-30 seconds before it "disappears". Especially if it's a day launch.

    The thing you can plan on is extremely heavy traffic right before and right after a shuttle launch. Especially if it is a peak hour time (5pm-10pm during the week, pretty much any time on a weekend).

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