Matthew dressed up in a Saints kit my brother bought him and came bouncing into our bedroom the other morning at 6 am and decided that more than anything in the world he wanted me to take him to a real football match to watch the Saints play.

This is a truely landmark moment for me as it has been something that has happened in my family down countless generations. My Grandad used to take me when I was little and I have been with my dad and brother many times.

Southampton are now in a much lower division and the quality of the football is very poor but we are under new ownership and there is now a family stand where you can go and get change out of 20 for you and the nipper which is much less that 1 ticket used to cost in the premiership.

A couple of weeks on he is still keen and has started doing footie skills at school.

Maybe it all started when I told him he had secretly been named after Matt le Tissier and showed him some of his goals on youtube

Anyway I am now really looking forward to taking him along and making a day out of it for him, burger van , cup of bovril you know the drill

He can always take a DS forif he gets bored

It may be the first time he sees his father cry ( we really do play that badly)