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Thread: Delicious! Buttery and garlicy? What's not to love?

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    Escargot en Brioche

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    OK. Now you are making me WICKED hungry! Aren't they just divine?! :9:

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    I admit, they do look good, but I just cant get past the 'snail' bit!


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    Tell yourself it's a big mushroom Mags and don't even think about it! That's quite what the consistency is like. If you don't mind the consistency of a large whole (cooked) button mushroom, then you'll be fine with escargot as the flavor is only what is put on it.

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    ewwww.....the drinks look good though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 170701
    Tell yourself it's a big mushroom Mags and don't even think about it!
    I have tried them before Tink and they nearly came up again before they went down. Nope, I cant get past the 'snail' bit! I want one of those drinks though!


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    I can't get past the snail bit Mags. I had a very unusual experience with an oyster in Harrods and l think l might experience it again with escargot.

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    I will pass on the snails (yuck), but I will take one of those drinks!

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    I couldn't get past the snail . I wouldn't believe myself .

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    Well that leaves ever so much more for Becca and I! I must admit, Herself had quite the face when I first convinced her to try one. She thoroughly enjoys them now though.

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