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Thread: Walt Disney World unveils new monorail train

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    The new monorail train has been built from undamaged sections of two trains, pink and purple, damaged in the fatal collision which occurred earlier this year.

    The new train will carry a teal stripe. Pink and Purple will be permanently retired as monorail colours out of respect for cast members involved in the accident.

    The new train will be extensively tested before being put into service later this year. Disney also plans to add a 12th train later in 2010.

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    This is great can't wait to take my first ride.

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    The Pink Train is the one Princess Di rode. I'll be sorry to see it go, as it was always a gentle reminder of her and the time she spent here with her boys. I totally understand and agree though. The train colors should be retired (although purple was my personal favorite).

    It's only right to do so.

    I wish they would bring the jazzy monorails from DL in California to WDW! Those babies are sweet!!!! I LOVE the candy apple red one!

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    Do pink & purple together make teal by any chance?? I was never good at that. If so, that's cool tho I'm not thinking they do.

    I still get sad when I think about that boy & his poor family. Such a sad thing.

    Do they still allow guests in the front car now? I figured that would be taken away.
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