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Thread: Debbie does Disney 2009 - Day before

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    Thursday 17 September 2009

    DS off school in case he caught anything sinister before we went so we both took DD to College. We were half-listening to local news on the radio about a boy killed in the Village evening before but were not paying full attention.

    DS and I then went into town to get my hair done and then came home to crack on with last few jobs – changing beds etc. I couldn’t get onto our booking at VA so called VH to confirm seats – good job as not what we usually have but she quickly changed for both flights to 21DEFG – first row downstairs behind PE.

    Mid morning, I got call from DD in College to say the boy killed was one of her friends, Lewis – she was so upset . Lots of last minute family visitors came so had a house full when all I wanted to do was crack on with jobs. Why do they do that every year?

    DD had gone to meet friends after college. They all gathered to lay flowers and chat.

    I sorted DS and got him to bed before finishing packing. I could finally say to him he was going to see the castle 'tomorrow'. I had waited so long to say that to him and he was really excited

    Left DH weighing cases to check under 23kgs

    Tom rang to confirm our airport transfer – Kev adamant wanted to go at stupid o clock. I thought it was too early – which it was

    DD came in about 9pm really upset saying she was not coming. Had to coax her into completing her packing – her heart just wasn’t in it at all

    DH went to bed about 11pm . I couldn’t sleep so had a cuppa whilst on PC. I noticed VS76 was late leaving MCO so knew we would have delay.

    I went to bed about 12.30am but couldn’t sleep. Such mixed emotions - thinking about Lewis' parents and how they must be feeling and my own excitement at finally taking DS back to his happy place

    Our much longed for trip just hours away

    RIP Lewis

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    What a sad start.

    RIP Lewis.

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    Oh Debbie what mixed emotions. I understand your DD heartache.

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    Sorry to hear about Lewis. hope you managed to have a great holiday

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    What a terrible heartache for your DD. May the young man rest in peace.

    Good that your little guy (so to speak ) was excited and happy to be going.

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