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Thread: a day in MK; tilt shift photography

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    I know this is probably a double post, I hope not. But I had to share this as I think it's one of the coolest videos ever! I put it on my facebook page a couple weeks ago when it came out but thought maybe some of you hadn't seen it. Check it out:

    YouTube - A Model Day At Disney Parks - Exclusive Tilt-Shift Video Featuring Magic Kingdom
    [SIGPIC]The Family![/SIGPIC]

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    I have to agree that is one great video, thanks for sharing.

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    That's amazing, and a little odd!

    I can see all the people moving around but it reminds me of a miniature village, the cars look like toy cars.

    My brain was trying to figure it out. I *think* the people were real, but was everything else? Weird!

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