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Thread: New Florida Resident Weekday Select Pass

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    Beginning October 19th, 2009 Florida Residents may purchase a Florida Resident Weekday Select Pass valid for 1 year.

    The Florida Resident Weekday Select Pass is valid for Theme Park admission on weekdays.

    Florida Resident Seasonal Pass Block-Out Dates apply - December 19, 2009 January 1, 2010.

    Ages 10 and Up $169.00 plus tax
    Ages 39 $149.00 plus tax

    Florida Residents may purchase the Florida Resident Weekday Select Pass beginning October 19, 2009.
    The Florida Resident Weekday Select Pass is available everywhere Florida Resident Annual Passes are sold. Note: Off-Site Locations sell Exchange Certificates.
    This offer is only available to Florida Residents with proof of residency.
    The pass is valid for admission to the four (4) theme parks each Monday through Friday except during block-out periods.
    This pass has the same block-out dates as the Florida Resident Seasonal Pass - December 19, 2009 January 1, 2010.
    This pass expires one (1) year from the date of purchase.
    Florida Resident Weekday Select Passes are NOT valid for the 3 months free promotion for new passes or renewals.
    The price to renew the Florida Resident Weekday Select Pass is the same as purchasing a new pass.
    Florida Resident Weekday Select Passholders benefits are the same as Florida Resident Seasonal Passholder benefits. These are listed in the Passholder Guide and/or on
    Theme Park Parking is NOT included.

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    I saw this in the paper. I'm not sure who this promo is geared toward. I guess stay-at-home parents that can take the kids during the week? For not that much more money you can get the regular seasonal pass (which is what I have). The only thing that is not good with any of these passes is that parking is NOT included. Please. Parking should be included with ANY type of annual or seasonal pass.

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    I thought it might be good for retired folks too.

    We keep the regular AP for the parking. Now with it up to $14 day, it's a real benefit of the AP.

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