Ok, I have a little time before I have to make this decision but...

for our July 2010 trip we are scheduled at BCV. The first 4 nights will be in a studio & then we switch to a 1BR for 6 nights. All in the same resort tho which we've done before & wasn't complicated at all, just took a little bit of time out of our day.

They had to do it in two reservations, one for the studio & one for the 1BR. So what I had originally planned on doing was switching the entire ressie to Boardwalk when the time allowed because we've never stayed there. December 11th is the first day I can call to change the studio, Dec. 15th for the 1BR. My concern is we may get the switch for the studio but when i call to do it for the 1BR we won't be able to. That would mean switching resorts. How does this work? Do we have to gather up our luggage ourselves & take it to the other resort or do they send it there for you? Is it a major pain because I don't want to waste the better part of a day having to do this.

My kids & husband prefer BC very, very much over Boardwalk so I should probably leave it alone anyway but I've always wanted to try BW so I'm really torn.