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    This is my second time going to Disney. I so looking forward to it again! We will be there late November to early December. I have looked at the average tempertures during that time and wondering if anyone really goes to the water parks. My son is bound and determined to go! Any thoughts on this?

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    Hi and welcome to Secrets.

    We've not been in Nov/Dec but I'm sure you will be fine for the water parks. I went to one in Feb and it was still nice.

    The water parks are the Best

    Have a great time


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    Thank you, it is good to know. I alway seem to freeze!! Did you have to wear jackets as well when you were there in February? I would think you would have too and even during the days, but I just want to be prepared!

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    and welcome to Secrets

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    Hello, and welcome to Disney Secrets! It's great that you chose to join us. Come on right in and have a good old look around. We're a fun, if a touch wacky bunch!

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    Hi Welcome to Secrets!!

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    Have been in November a couple of times now and always hit the water parks. You still get good temperatures during the day and not too long back we went in November and it was 81 degrees when we went to Blizzard Beach!
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    welcome to our happy home - feel free to post anywhere and everywhere , it never takes long to get a reply on here

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