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Thread: How scary is the haunted mansion?

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    Would the haunted mansion at the magic kingdom be too scary for a 5yr old and are there any height restrictions on that ride?


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    I don't think there are any height restrictions as I recall my youngest riding it as a baby.

    As far as scary, yes it can be. It all depends on the child & the level of scary that they like & can endure. My oldest daughter always did it but she'd hide her entire face into my back during the graveyard scene, it used to terrify her but she'd do it. Maybe you should ride it first & then decide if your little one is ready.
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    I'm 30 and I'm still scared of the HM. I HATES that ride! I got stuck on it for 20 minutes last year because one of the Doombuggies de-railed. Little kids go on the ride all the time. I guess they come out alright. Just keep telling them it's only a cartoon or make-believe, or whatever if they start to get worried.

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    Mine certainly werent scared but I think as a 5 yr old, i might have been. There is no telling. It is like ToT - some very young kids love it and lots of adults hate it. I think that only you know your child and may have to judge this one for yourself.


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    Hmmm it's difficult to say really without knowing your child. It can be a little intense especially at the beginning when you are in the pre board area but then again you do see loads of children on the ride and there is no age limit so Disney must feel its OK.
    It is a great ride though.

    What ever you decide i hope you have a great time

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    There's just no real answer to this depends on your child. My son has been riding it without any qualms since he was 6. He loved it from the first time he rode it.

    I recall once, though, we got off and I was walking over to my ECV to get going again when I saw a boy I would guess at about 11 or 12 was huddled in the corner crying. Jordan couldn't understand how that boy could be so upset...didn't he know that Mickey would never let anything hurt him?

    So, basically the answer is just up to you to decide what your child can handle. Good luck.

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    I loved this ride when I was a kid, from the age of 4 onward (yet Snow White's ride made me try to hide on the floor of the mine-car) daughter is 9 and still gets a little jumpy during the anticipation of the intro part; she's usually fine by the time we climb into the Doom Buggy.

    What helped with my kids was to show them a lot of information about how things work on this ride...we have a book about the Imagineers which made the ride seem more of a techno-marvel than a ghostly haunted ride. It really does depend on your kiddo, though. If he/she is easily frightened, this could be a sensory overload ride. Maybe knowing how it works could help, but at 5, it's hard to say for sure. If you try going on it, just mentally brace yourself for the possibility that your little one might want to back out at the last moment. (It happens quite a lot, I'm sure!)
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    If you explain that everything is just make believe , your 5 year old should be find . But only you know your child . Patrick has loved it since he was a wee child .

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    Just to second what has been said its a toughie , one of mine loves it one is too scared to try ; plust there is an age when they satrt to get the FEAR and 5 is about that time. Certainly don't go is there is any question it would upset them. One bad experience will be enough to put them off rides and might ruin the day.

    Matthew freaked on the new opening to POTC and didn't want to go on anything for the rest of the day.

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    I was terrified my whole childhood, and refused to ride it. Whenever I went to WDW as a teen, it became my favorite ride. My brave little nephew on the other hand (4) has no problems with Haunted Mansion. I agree with everyone who said it depends on the child and how easily frightened they are.
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