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Thread: The Kitchen Sink Tour July 2008

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    Jul 2008
    Yorkshire, England
    Well, after a very brief appearance at work I left at 11am and drove home as fast as the speed limit’s allowed, grabbed my stuff and set off.

    The bus came promptly

    and there was almost no traffic into town to I arrived at Leeds train station an hour early, I found the platform I needed, this is a must, Leeds is a massive train station and it can take 15-20 minutes to get from the entrance to your platform, especially if the escalator is down and you have to lug you overnight bag, food, wine and laptop up a flight of stairs!

    I quickly got bored of waiting

    so carrying my very heavy bags I set about finding a loo and a latte.

    Both of these objectives were met quickly, I’m on a roll today! I returned to -platform 11a and waited. And waited. And waited. The train arrived bang on-time, thank god, and I jumped on as quickly as someone carrying twice their own bodyweight in crisps and wine can jump

    After turfing a business man out of my reserved seat I sat down backwards. I hate travelling backwards but I did have seat on the apparently very popular Glasgow to Penzance cross country train.

    After an hour or so somebody left a ‘non-reserved’ forward facing seat so I swapped and all was well in the world of Jodie’s motion sickness!

    The journey down was bad at all, at times the train was heaving but after Exeter people dwindles quickly and I was able stretch my legs a bit. Hey, I might be short but my legs still need a stretch every now and then!

    I was planning on reading my Harry Potter book (again) but been very nosy I settled for watching the world around me. I chatted to a lovely eldery Scottish couple who were travelling from Glasgow to Bristol, I ‘kept and eye on’ a fella’s laptop while he pee’d and then looked disgruntled at a man who wasn’t aware of the concept of ‘quite coach’ and truly believed the day would be ruined if everyone on the train, not just our coach, wasn’t listening to his mp3 player with him.

    Every so often I would send or receive a text from Teresa and Claire, ‘On train now’, ‘3 hours to go’, ‘Just passed a field’, you know, letting them know all the important stuff.

    When the train was slowing to pull into Plymouth Claire, as promised rang me to check if I was nervous but surprisingly I wasn’t, Teresa knew I was at the front of the train and I saw her and the kids as the train slowed,

    When it stopped I jumped of the train and headed towards her and they to me, it was like meeting a friend you hadn’t seen in a while. No nerves just big smiles and hugs and we were on our way.

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    have a great time teresa

    oh he can go there for a wedding but cant give those terrific kids of yours a penny for their holiday to disney, well you know what i think of him so i wont blaspheme on here

    Sunridge Woods Villa Oct 2000 & 2002
    Esprit/Calabay Parc Oct 2004
    Sunset Ridge Oct 2008

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    We are now sat here on the sofa watching the first of my holiday dvds from 2007.

    We surprised Claire when she arrived with a Birthday cake,streamers,balloons and cards as it's her Birthday on Tuesday and it was like we were old friends not strangers who only talk on the internet!!!

    Claire was really brave and caught the scary ferry all by herself and we met her to follow us home.

    We are having lunch shortly so i will update again later and let the girls fill you in with their versions of events and the photos they are constantle taking!!!

    We are going to have such a great weekend.

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    We had an absolutely fabulous weekend and the house is so quiet now they have gone.

    We got on just like we were old friends and haven't stopped laughing.I was so sad when it was time for them to go.

    I've been poorly all weekend and not even the bottles of wine and all the food made me better.I've had a sore throat and no voice which has now developed into a tickly.chesty cough and i can't breathe properly.

    WE watched as many dvds as we could and had a look at each others photos but we were more interested in talking and laughing.

    The 'Kitchen Sink' was superb but we didn't manage to finish it all.
    I will let the girls fill you in on all the details as they are so much better at it than me.They also took all the photos.Hundreds between them!!!

    We started with a bottle of Bucks Fizz at 6pm followed by a bottle of Rose and then a 1.5l bottle of white!!

    We stayed up talking,kids included, until nearly 2am and just wish we'd had longer.

    We were like zombies this morning but managed to catch the right ferry and dropped the kids of at the cinema with their free tickets for Wall-e.

    We took Jodie over to catch her train and said a tearful goodbye before running up the platform waving to her as the train pulles away.

    Claire and i wandered around Plymouth for an hour stopping in the Build a Bear for a 'look' then ended up in the Disney Store where we begged for some Mickey shaped metallic sprinkles for our scrapbooking!

    On the way back up to the car we stoped in Boots for some cough medicine then went to pick up the kids.

    We arrived just as it wa finishing and it was soon time for more hugs and goodbyes before Claire and Danielle set off on their journey home .

    It only took them 1 1/2 hours to get home safe but Jodie is still sat on the the train until 5pm.

    Both will write up their version of the weekend and include all the photos.

    We are already arranging our next weekend together and a trip to DLRP was discussed last night albeit after many glasses of wine.

    It was fantastic to meet the girls at last and i know i have made to very special friends for life.

    Thankyou both for coming.It was just what i needed this week.XXX

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    The day before am

    Cast members,

    Claire ...21 Disney obsessive
    Danielle... 12 wonderful daughter

    The reason for this meet?

    to save valuable dibb time and space from all our constant chat and to watch all of teresas dvds from her fun filled emotion pact 07 trip!!

    Ok, so as all exciting things go, they always start with something to drag the time out….work.

    I guess I am fortunate to not start until 10, so time to get an overnight bag ready!!

    And prepare the rest of the house to cope with out me!!!

    At some point today I will need to go shopping for treats, as I feel it is only right not to turn up empty handed at Teresa’s , especially as she is being so kind as to let us stay with her and her family.

    The reason for the late departure on my behalf, is that my eldest daughter , Hannah has been away all week on a school trip to Strasbourg and Paris, and with her return being this evening, I felt it was un fair to not meet her and at least spend some time with her before I go for some Disney madness.

    So, yes, I shall be sulking for my lateness to the meet of the 2 great dibb friends that I have made!!!!

    My plans for today are to do all my weekend chores when I finish work and to load the car up so I can leave asap on sat morning!!!!
    Claire xx

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    Yorkshire, England

    I am home safe and well but with a numb bum :spin:

    As the other two have said we got on like a dry straw bale with a loose match!

    I am not going to do an update until tomorrow because I am cream crackered and cannot do the weekend justice.

    I do have many, many photo's of the Kitchen Sink and am sure one of them is pre-cocktail umbrella!

    I will say this, Teresa and Claire - Your kids are a credit to you, the three of them made the weekend all the more enjoyable as they joined in with our love of Orlando, Holiday dvd's and Crisps!

    Until tomorrow :wavey:


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    The day before pm

    And so as predicted work was very quiet and dragged on.

    The only good thing about work was that it was Friday and Friday means 1 thing , mcdonalds day.

    Also the numerous texts that went back and forward from us 3 girls made the day more exciting!!!!

    After work I filled up pippa with her go go juice, and headed to school to fetch Danielle!!

    I have to admit to being gutted to not getting to see the dibb girls until tomorrow, but as I said, my eldest daughter Hannah was travelling back from paris.

    Had a call from her saying that they were running late, instead of back at 9 it would be 10.30!!!

    I made a trip to tesco’s to gat some lunch for us dibb girls, and some how a large bottle of white fell into my trolley. Too embarrassed to put it back, I paid for it and will try and consume it over the weekend.

    Was so pleased to see Hannah, it had been strange at home without her.
    And the wonderful daughter that she is, brought me a Minnie plush back!!!!!

    As I heard all the stories and updates from the week, I started packing , as I needed Hannah’s overnight back, as I don’t own one!!!

    i nipped on the lappieand msn and guess who i found on there.....

    We said our goodnights and me and Danni went off to bed, excited about meeting up tomorrow with the girls.


    Now, the original plan was to leave at 11. then the time moved to 9.30, but me and Danni were ready by 830!!!

    All packed, we loaded the car…….

    Hey I even packed the kitchen sink!!!!!

    The drive was really easy, and took less than we had thought!!!

    Text messages were exchanged, and as we were really early and Teresa and Jodie weren’t prepared, I had to do the ferry alone!!!!

    How disappointing, it took minutes!!!!!

    And they didn’t stamp my passport!!

    The girls were waiting for us in the bus lay by, so as we pulled up behind, they were out the car and we all hugged on the side of the road, as if we were old friends!!!

    It was so strange to instantly feel like we had been friends for years!!!!

    We then followed Teresa back and I was in need of a cuppa tea!!

    Once inside, I had a lovely treat, they had got me a cake and balloons!!!

    These girls are just so nice!!!!!
    There was a story with the cake, but I shall let Jodie fill you in on that!

    We had so much we wanted to do, and look at and talk about!!!!

    The scrapbook albums were out, the DVDs were lined up ready to watch, and Teresa’s house was full of Disney things!!!

    I was quite prepared to move in with her!!!!

    The DVDs from Teresa’s trip were amazing!!!
    Robyn and jack did an excellent job of recording so many special memories, and they make a great DAY of watching!!!!!!

    i shall let jodie do her update once she is home, as she was definetly queen of the camera, also, i used her camera a lot to take some photos.
    and then i shall post some more, about our fab weekend!!!!

    it was a real giggle!
    Claire xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dizneyblonde, post: 9992


    i am doing well arent i
    Claire xx

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    Well we all acted like 13 year olds so that has to bring our reall age down a bit!!!

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