At last this weekend has arrived and Jodie and Claire (with DD Danielle) are coming down to stay for a weekend of Disney.

I've had an awful week so i am so looking forward to seeing them.

Last Friday i went to the hospital about some problems i have had and found out on top of everything else i knew was wrong i have fibroids (one of which is the size of a grapefruit) and i have to have a hysterectomy.I now face 3 months of tests before they decide what to do and when.My first appointment is next Wednesday.

Then on Sunday DS was chatting to his 'girlfriend' (they are only 12 and 13) on MSN when she told him she had taken an overdose.She told him not to tell anyone but he showed me the message straight away.Her Mum was at work so i had to run round and call the ambulance while DS ran to get her Mum from work.She is ok and home now but the shock off it all is still effecting me and DS and i haven't slept well all week.

Tuesday morning we woke up to find the hamster had died and i had to bury her that evening.

On top of all that the ex announced he was engaged and getting married in Sri Lanka next year.

So all in all i think i deserve to let my hair down this weekend!

Jodie is arriving by train on Friday evening so we will grab fish and chips on the way home and Claire says we can't sat anything or do anything until she arrives on Saturday as she is driving down from Weston Super Mare.(and is worried about crossing the scary ferry)

We are going to spend the weekend talking Disney and watching each others holidays videos and looking at photos.

I know it's a bit of a habit of mine inviting strangers to my house which is why i'm telling you all now just in case

We are also going to make our own 'Kitchen Sink' on Saturday so i will post a few pics before we eat it!!!

Have a safe journey both of, i can'y wait to see you!