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Thread: Disney trex or rain forest cafe?

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    sorry about all the questions but has anyone tried both T-rex and rainforest cafe at downtown disney? which did you like better?

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    Don't apologize for the questions! That's the point of the forums!

    We've done both. There really is no difference in anything other than the decor and some of the menu items, of course. Just pick the one that appeals to you more!

    Prices, food quality and service are all essentially the same.

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    Yep I think that sums it up really, not a lot of difference. Mediocre, but acceptable food, somewhat overpriced but novelty surroundings can be entertaining.

    I rather like T-Rex and DW prefers Rainforest but really if you haven't done either, then just pick the one with the shortest queue if you have done one, then do the other
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    We did both on our last trip.

    T-Rex was very busy (It was boxing day though) The food was ok, but DS loved the build a dino part after our meal. He had saved his own money to do it.

    The Rainforest cafe (Animal Kingdom) was our last meal before or flight home and was fab, the food and service was better for us than in T-Rex, but that could have been down to what we ordered, but like said above. Much about the same.

    The kids loved both.

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