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Thread: to go to seaworld or not?

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    As many trips as we've made to WDW we still cannot make ourselves drift from the parks there to other theme parks. We just love our time on Disney property & even after so many visits, haven't grown tired of what they have to offer. I guess eventually we will check out Universal (again..did it once in 99..didn't leave anything there so i have no reason to go back) & Seaworld & whatnot.
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    I really like Seaworld, its a park we visit 2 or 3 times on our holiday, we dont do many disney parks - Seaworld is definately a favourite and its the first park we go to

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    I always cry when i see manatees. i just fall inlove with them and think they are so wonderfull that i get overwhelmed x
    I'd rather be in Disney xx

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    I would much rather see animals, who are being treated well in captivity, there than out in the wild facing extinction due to indiscriminate slaughter.

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    We've been to sea world a couple of times and enjoy it, you get to see animals you wouldn't normally see plus it would be good for your kiddies and I'm sure they will love it.
    One thing I will say, be prepared if you go up in the Sky tower. I was quite shocked at how big the park is but unfortunately how small some of the tanks seem, especially the whales one.
    I think I like the fact that places like sea world help save some of their animals when they are treated badly in other zoos.
    It will always be a park I will visit, not necesserially every time we visit Orlando though.

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