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Thread: We are going to DC! Will it be warm enough?

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    I wasn't intending to go any park outside of Disney other that IOA, but when we were looking at our newly arrived Frommers guide book last night Mr Deb got very interested in DC, and wondered why it was so expensive. I told and showed him the website, and he immediately said "we are definitely doing that!"

    It is $199 at that time if year, which seems reasonable As it includes SW entry we'll also be going there, so it looks like I may have to have a mini-itinerary!.

    Anyway, it's our first time there! My question is (in the continuing theme I have of worrying about whether I'll be frozen solid in January ) will we be comfortable enough if it turns out to be one of those January days that aren't full of Florida sunshine? Will we care?

    Thank you!

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    Probably not, as long as it doesn't rain. You'll be given a wetsuit, and that will go a long way toward keeping you comfortable in the water.

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    The wetsuits are warm. You've seen our pics. It was chilly at 9 am but inthe 80s by noon. Do it. It's magical

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    Each time we have been to DC it has been in January. Twice we actually took an hour out at the side of the pool to sunbathe. The other time was colder but apart from the time spent in the tropical reef, we didn't notice the cold.

    I'd definately go for it

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    Oh Deb, that will be so much fun! I've always wanted my girls to get to do that because it would be such an experience. I'm afraid my fear of ocean life & them actually swimming up against me is too deep to actually do it But I envy those brave enough to.
    [SIGPIC]The Family![/SIGPIC]

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    it will be absolutely freezing, you better give your tickets to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by britchick, post: 174170
    it will be absolutely freezing, you better give your tickets to me

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    Yeah, Go For It ! You never know what you will get weather wise in Florida . When we first arrived at WDW 17- 10 , I thought I'd about freeze . It was in the low 60's upon arrival and in the 40's by the evening . The week before we got there it was in the 90's . Do It and Have Fun !

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    One year (the winter of 1996) we went down for Christmas and stayed into the new year. It was so hot I got sunburnt. Had to buy shorts!

    Then there was the Christmas (ummm...2005 maybe?) that it rained miserably. We went to OKW for the holiday and spent the entire Christmas day in our villa as the weather was horrid.

    Then there was last year where it was lovely, with the exception of the ONE day we all trekked to MK! Cold and miserable!

    Mixed bag, and pure luck.

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    Look girl you're British !!! - we go swimming in the sea in sub zero temperatures.

    It'll be fine once you got your shoulders under

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