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Thread: We are going to DC! Will it be warm enough?

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    I still say, I'll take unpredictable & possibly cold January over the heat of July or August any time. I really don't think it's going to be all that bad for you Deb unless you like to swim at night. In that case, bring a wet suit
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    We were there in July and found it too hot lol. It made stepping into the reef pool feel like stepping into the North Sea. I live near the NS so know what it feels like heehee.

    We also went on the 28<SUP>th</SUP> of December last year and it was fantastic. The temperature was spot on nothing felt to hot or too chilly going into the reef pool was much more comfortable and didn't have my youngest teeth chattering like it had in the summer, and the bonus being blue skies the whole day, no afternoon thunderstorms.

    Just to say though, the weather was amazing when we were in Orlando last Christmas. Warm everyday and no rain. I'm not sure if that's what it's always like that at that time of year.

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    Thanks guys! It's funny hearing all us Brits saying it's warm then....I get it, it'll feel warm to us regardless! Especially as I am a North East girl...I can still hear my dear departed Nanna telling me I couldn't go out drinking in Newcastle in a little strappy top in the middle of a blizzard I couldn't do it now but I must still have it in me somewhere!

    So we are going to book, thank you. We are thinking Sunday 17th Jan, as we get there on the 14th, and that weekend is Martin Luther King weekend, which the guidebooks say is a bit busier in the parks. As DC only has limited admission then that will obviously not be a problem there

    Anyway, we are already planning our Mickey fleece purchases....we would just walk straight past them in Summer!!!

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    That exactly what we did

    Its the right choice hun

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    Go for it Deb. channel that North East lass you are.

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    Ooh you have to do it Deb its sooo amazing we loved it, going to go again in July it was a fantastic day and evening
    Jacqui xxx

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