This is a long report! But its ok, there are pictures!
We soon settled into a daily routine.
We would have our morning coffee on our verandah in our robes, looking at the lovely view, and watching the fish jumping and the heron fishing

Then a leisurely stroll to breakfast. This was the main restaurant where you could either sit outside on the deck

Or inside in the lovely big room open to the cooling ocean breeze (more sandy floors).

You could sit wherever you chose, although you had the same server every day to bring your drinks and clear your plates. When you arrived at the table you were given an ice-cold washcloth to freshen up , which was usually very welcome after the long walk (2 minute stroll ). Breakfast was an extensive buffet of fruit, pastries, breads, cereals, cheese, cooked meats, English-style breakfasts, maldivian breakfasts like vegetable dahl, as well as anything you wanted cooked fresh for you by the chef...omelettes, eggs any-way, pancakes, waffles (not Mickey ones though). There were a couple of herons who called the island home, and often hung around to see what was going on

There were also black tipped reef sharks in the shallows alongside the deck , and you could watch them eating their fishy breakfast too.

They do look a bit scary but are only a couple of feet long, and you can see them in the shallows every where on the island cruising through the shoals of little fish. They are not a danger to people, but are amazing to watch going about their business.

Then wed take a leisurely stroll to the end of one of the jetties to sit on the edge, dangling our feet and watching the fish playing in the coral and jumping out of the water. Sometimes wed see the moray eel that lives there hes over a metre long and has a face only a mother could love. Then back to our sunbeds for some sunbathing and reading. The temperature was a constant 28/29 degrees, and didnt drop much at night, though it felt more comfortable then because we didnt have the intensity of the sun. We had requested a west facing room so we could have the sunset view, and we also knew that at this time of year there was a breeze on that side it made all the difference. The other side of the island really had no breeze at all, and though many people preferred that we would have found it a bit too hot. Anyway, when our breakfast had well and truly digested wed go out to snorkel around the excellent house reef.

Then back for another sunbed snooze before lunch, which was another lovely fresh buffet. The salads were gorgeous, and there were always freshly cooked things you could get from the counter, like pasta, burgers, steaks, and of course excellent fresh fish. Then, to the bar for an after lunch drink and a chat to the Bar Manager Silva

We always sat outside. As you can see from this pic of Garry, it was very busy!

... and a stroll back to our room, where we either lay on our sunbeds or the
shady verandah, depending on the heat. A lovely dip in the lagoon was great to cool down

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And another snorkel trip before coming back for afternoon coffee. A sundowner was the order of the day...sometimes lay on our sunbeds watching the sun go down

other times we would dress for dinner early (it was brilliant not to have to try to decide which shoes to wear with an outfit! )and stroll to the bar for sunset cocktails.

Then to dinner. The fact that this was a buffet restaurant had almost put us off choosing this holiday, because as most of you know, we are foodie type of people and like our proper sit dosn meals. But after reading some reviews we decided to bite the bullet and go for it. We were so glad we did. The food was excellent quality, and so much variety. There were theme nights, eg Maldivian, Sri Lankan, Arabian, Chinese, International...and as well as the pre-made dishes there was always plenty of food that the chef was preparing freshly at the hot counter. There were also nice yummy desserts, as well as fresh tropical fruit.

I wouldnt say it was 5 stars out-of-this-world, but it was most certainly an excellent 4 stars. The only thing that sometimes let it down was the quality of the meat, but as everything has to be imported I am guessing that sometimes this was outside of their control. Their was certainly nothing wrong with the level of cheffing. There was also a new a la carte restaurant, and it says a lot that we never tried it once as we were so happy with the food here. Anyway, we sat outside on the deck most of the time, under the stars, and watching the fish and little reef sharks in the water, and the little hermit crabs scurrying around on the sand.

Then there was another cocktail in the bar, before going back to our villa.

One of the wonderfully weird things here was the bioluminescent planton. In the dark you could see them being washed onto the shore so that the edges of the waves were sparkling, and if you kicked the water up they would spray through the air! And if you ran through the freshly wet sand your footprints filled with little twinkly lights. You know those pavements at EPCOT, with the tiny twinkly blue lights that go on and off (I dont know if Im describing this well )? Well, it was just like that, and try as we might we could not get a photo of them! It was a magical thing though!
The night ended with a drink on our sunbeds looking up at the stars, which were incredible. There was no way we could identify most of them even with our guide book, if there were any constellation up there to be seen it was like looking at them through a blizzard! If you ever go here you need to take Skywatcher with you. There were frequent shooting stars, and we could see the milky way every night!