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    LOL Ive been go so long I thought I should reintroduce myself!

    So where have I been? Well not to WDW since May that for certain! Everyone pull up a chair and snuggle in...

    The end of June I sold my house and moved into an apartment...I was in over my head with remodeling and it was more than I could deal with and I was stressed out ... so I cut the stress out. Still in Colorado, still in the same City but now I have a landlord to complain to and get things done...makes me happy...also sold the Audi..Im happy to say Im mostly debt free!

    About 2 weeks after that my step dad had a surgery that they removed a couple feet (not what we walk on sillies!) of his intestine as his Crohn's disease infected it. well during that surgery they tested something in his blood and found out he has Hairy Cell Lukemia too, its the slow growing kind and the Dr's tell us that if youre gonna get Lukemia its the kind to get. he is still coming with us for our December trip to the mouse in which I am happy to report is a meer 36 days away! HOORAY!

    So then, now we get to the good stuff...yes there is good stuff beside goin to the mouse house and away from the cold and snow of Colorado for 8 days!

    So I met a boy...FINALLY. I thought after 5 years of singlehooddom it was time I hung out a sign that said "Look here! Prime Real Estate. Slightly used and comes with her own baggage and a funny radio station that plays in her head!"

    Hooked, line and sinker...honesty about being frightened that the sand that is left of her heart is going to blow away and thinking that men are spineless and emotionless creatures can really get a girl pretty far. Its still new so i dont want to jinx myself but he is pretty wonderful and we are planning a trip to see my castle on the other coast in March. And get this...he doesnt pick on my Disney addiction and is REALLY excited about going. He is just a normal guy and I am over the moon for him.

    So..thats been my life in June...

    And what the enemy will see? They will see the flash of our cannons, and they will hear the ringing of our swords, and they will know what we can do! By the sweat of our brow and the strength of our backs and the courage in our hearts! Gentlemen, hoist the colors!

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    pulling out the welcome mat

    Hey! where are you going? Come over here and lay down

    ok where's my duct tape?

    alrighty, that should hold don't try running away again!

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    good to see you back you have been busy

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    And we are over the moon for you. You sound really happy Sarah.

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    Soooooooo glad to see you young lady

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    Welcome back, missed ya!

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    Hey, really pleased to see you. And REALLY pleased about your lovely boy!!! There are some good ones around, they're worth the wait believe me

    Sorry about your stepdad, but glad he's going to see the Mouse with you

    Glad Johnie has taped you to the floor

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    Well! That's a lot of "stuff" for one woman to deal with in a short space of time. Good to hear that things are mostly going well. Really sorry to know that your Step Dad has such an illness though. The prognosis sounds good.

    Nice catching up with you! Take care now and keep us posted on how things are going for you.

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    Great to see you back

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    Hi Sarah wondered where you`d gone well that is certainly some good news about the boy, hope all goes well for you both, you sound really happy and he likes Disney yahoooo. so glad your stepdad is still going on your trip.

    Jacqui xxxx

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