Not very happy about Dollar car rental and wont be using them again there service sucks................. we had a car included in out holiday package but when we arrived there was noinsurance included which was fine but it was very expensive $400 for a week but we paid it and it had roadside assistance. they sent us to bay A22 but no car there so Dave went back and we got a different bay number the car is very nice chryslar 300t. yesterday when we got in warning low tyer and warning lights going off we headed to downtown disney not very happy about the car but drove slow with the intention of sorting it out later. after visiting epcot and a few places we get back to the car and head along the 192 where there is a dollar rental. the girl says its closing and if i dont feel safe to drive to orlando airport and change the car as she is closing i explain that if i dont feel safe why is she sending me up an interstate if the car isnt safe but she is closing so very unhappy i say to Dave i will ring the roadside assistance we have paid for only to be told we dont come out to flat tyers. we havent sort it yet but i can tell you something its 10 years since i have used dollar and it will be another 10 before i try them again there service is rubbish.