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Thread: Room request for POR - how. what, when?

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    I have read that there are around 80 rooms in POR with King sized beds rather than 2 queens. It's a long shot, but we would like to request one. How and when do I do this? Now? A few days before? By email? Via Virgin Travel who we are booked through?

    I don't think we are too bothered whether we are in Alligator Bayou or Magnolia Bend (they both look ok inside, but any comments from those who have been there would be appreciated!), but would probably prefer to be in a quieter area, i.e. not so close to the food court etc. Is it worth also requesting this, and if so, does anyone have any tips on buildings to go for?

    Thank you

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    We have stayed in the bayou section and the mansions and we personally prefer the mansions. We stayed in Parterre Place which for us was perfect - we were next to a quiet pool and although only 5 minutes walk from the main building it was very peaceful as it is the other side of the river and you are far enough away from the main pool to not hear any noise.

    We were in buiding 25 in the bayou section and this was quite a bit further away from the main building. It is such a lovely resort to walk around though that I am hapy to be situated anywhere.

    Can't help with who to contact although I would think the resort direct would probably be the best bet.


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    We ALWAYS stay in Alligator Bayou!

    It just feels less crowded and quiter to us. With all the wooded surroundings, it feels like there's very few other people around.

    None of the buildings in either section (Alligator Bayou or Magnoli Bend) should have any problems with noise from either the main buildings or the main pool. The main pool is located on an island in the middle of the Sassagoula River and so is a bit of a walk from any of the rooms. The remote pools (there are a number of them in both sections) can have some noise surrounding them but we've never been bothered by them in any of the nine times we've stayed there.

    As far as convenience is concerned, buildings 14 or 18 in Aligator Bayou are about as convenient as you can get. They're on the insider (away from the parking lot) of the resort. They're an extremely short walk to the main building and the food court and equally close to the South bus depot. That's the main one in front. This is the best bus stop in the whole complex since it's the first one picked up and the first one dropped off. You stand a better chance of getting a seat on the buses from this stop.

    All told, we love Alligator Bayou and will continue to stay there every time we go "home"!

    Perhaps Virgin could make a note on your reservation that you're requesting a King bed. We always make our reservations directly through Disney and usually make some kind of request. Building, bed, whatever. They've always managed to accomodate us.

    Tom (... still waiting to see B'rer Rabbit around the grounds!)

    BTW... here's a resort map for your reference!

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    We have stayed, ironically enough, in our two visits..once in Alligator Bayou & once in Magnolia. We prefered Magnolia by leaps & bounds. It just seemed much more convenient to everything to us. Keep in mind tho, the trip we stayed in Alligator was our very first trip & we were a bunch of lost newbies, lol.

    I always try to make my requests whenever I make my reservations but I don't think there is a certain time that is better than others to do it. I also like to call a few days prior to arriving to make sure those requests DID actually make it onto my reservation.

    I've always had good luck with my requests, I hope you do as well : )
    [SIGPIC]The Family![/SIGPIC]

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    Well when we turned up they had put us in POFQ and we had booked POR the lady was most insistant we hadn't even though we had the Disney confirmation prited out so any room request we made would have been pointless

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    Were you ok with where they "put" you Skywatcher?

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    That's not good Skywatcher I am liking the sound of the space and greenery at POR and we have settled ourselves into that kind of mood for this trip. I'll make sure I have every piece of paper with POR on. Not that it did you any good.

    Well, still not sure whether I'd prefer Magnolia or Alligator, but I shall see if there are any other replies to this and do some more reading before making my mind up...maybe we'll simply request the King bed and see where we get put I like Tom's reasoning of the building numbers he's given though, there's no way those ones can overlook the carpark, which is good

    I think I shall email Virgin and ask them to request a KS bed if they can, then email the hotel nearer the time and put in my request too. I was going to try the hotels online check in 10 days before, but I am reading mixed reports about it's efficiency, and it does take away your ability to talk to a CM and make another bid for your request, so I think I will probably do the usual type of hotel check-in and hope the line isn't too long

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    If I remember my trip report the lady was speaking to me like I was a squirrel with learning difficulties

    very slowly she said

    'port orleans' *points to floor* is divided *hands apart *into two *holds up 2 fingers* . You booked *mimes writing* French Quarter *nods* , Not Riverside *shakes head*


    Then why ,says I, does my booking form from the Walt Disney Travel Company say Riverside on it.

    I seem to remember the building she put us in was closer to EPCOT than the food court, clearly she didn't like British people

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    OMG!!!!! I'd have croaked with laughter! How did you keep a straight face?!

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    It had been a long day and both boys were asleep in their pushchairs - she then further added insult to injury having seen we had 2 boys in pushchairs by putting us on the top floor of the blocks - there are no lifts of course in POR.

    I was going to say something but we just fell asleep and then the next day - well we were at WDW so what did we care

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