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Thread: It's coming....*UPDATE IT HAS ARRIVED*

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    Re: It's coming....

    And it still looks cool as ice

    A year ago I bought my 1st ever iPod and I have been an apple convert pretty much since then the iPhone completely won me over and is the single best bit of kit I have ever owned ( honestly) - anywhere in the world I am on the internet within 2 seconds and the 3G is pretty darn fast. The macbook pro has taken me to a new level with my astrophotography

    Lisa was sold on the imac from the moment I told her about the wires - its a complete mares nest at the moment what with the printer, the speakers the bass unit the tower the keyboard and the mouse

    now we will have 1 lead and thats it

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    Re: It's coming....

    that looks real cool chris

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    Re: It's coming....

    That's nearly the best bit, isn't it?

    The iPhone I've been provided for work is the 3 G but not GS. Which is your's? I have a problem with the keyboard as my fingers/hands are large and I'm constantly hitting the wrong "key." Drives me mad. Mine will not voice dial either and that's a pain for someone who drives as much as I do. It's fast-ish, but I think that's more down to lousy AT&T than it is the poor phone.

    I have an iPod, and Seth's Da bought Herself one for her birthday. Herself has the WICKED one! It's a little video camera, can get radio signal... quite a sweet little buggie.

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    Re: It's coming....

    Mines the 3G - whenever I buy something its usually the que for an upgraded version to come ut 2 weeks later

    Really looking forward to this

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    Re: It's coming....

    just watched the video about the mouse and it looks soooo cool I just want to lick it

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    Re: It's coming....

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    Re: It's coming....


    video about 1/2 way down

    Thomas excited as well

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    Re: It's coming....

    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 176638
    Just thought I'd throw in here that in the "evolution of iMac" photo series on the site, the first one is the one we have! It still runs (with the help and guidance of Keith on adding new memory) and we still love the look of it.

    Will need to be replaced one day as there is no room for more memory, but it's been going strong for six years this past September. Can't beat that with a stick!!!
    We have those ones in the Media Department in college and they are still pretty fast The network we have is quite slow so that slows logging in right down but other than the computers are fast and run tiger. Some of the newer iMacs they have (the white ones, still, but not with the swively monitor) are running leopard just fine
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    Re: It's coming....

    Yes, we have leopard. Had to put in more memory to run it. That's as far as she'll go though. When that is defunct, we'll be shopping for a new Mac.

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    Re: It's coming....

    Hey Chris,

    Just to keep you occupied while you're waiting, here's the link to the users manual for your new toy:

    The manual seems pretty simple. Makes you feel pretty good when the first page of the manual looks like this:

    Tom (... may go get a Magic Mouse today myself!)

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