Re: It's coming....

Well... I actually did manage to get my grubby paws on a Magic Mouse today. My DW had to stop at the fabric store and there was a Best Buy right next door. So, I figured if the Apple store was sold out, perhaps Best Buy would have a few left. Lucky me. They had two. Now they've got one.

This thing is great! No cord of course. It's Bluetooth. Paired it with my MacBook Pro and it works great. It's so strange to scroll up and down web pages and document just by dragging my finger back and forth across the surface of the thing! And the really cool bit is that there's a bit of inertia built in. So, on a really long web page, I can kind of "flick" my finger across the surface of the mouse and the page scrolls quickly and then gradually coasts to a stop. Really neat functionality.

The other great bit is that the thing feels quite substantial. It's got enough weight to it so that if you pick it up, you'd think you could do some real damage if you threw it at something. Gives it a nice heft and tracks really well on whatever surface you're using it on.

All in all, so far I like this a LOT better than my old mouse. The scrolling takes some getting used to since there's no wheel or button. Just a smooth slick surface! But it doesn't take very long to get used to.

Chris, you're gonna love this thing!

Edit: forgot to mention, when you're browsing web pages, you can swipe two fingers across the mouse surface to either go back or forward in your browsing history. This thing just keeps getting better and better!

Tom (... still would love to have that 27" iMac)