HI all,

I am looking at buying a scanner to convert my old negatives to digital images.

The place I'm looking at buying from has 2 on offer - one is 2x the price of the other and I can't tell whether it's worth spending the extra. If I'm going to go to the effort of doing this I want to do it properly, so if I need to I will spend the money - it's only $69 vs $129 so it's not like it's thousands.

But I am wondering if anyone can tell me the difference between the 2 - I've looked and looked and I can't work it out.

These are the 2

Negative Film And Slide Image Scanner - Make Film Negatives Digital! - Film & Photo Scanners - DealsDirect.com.au Australia

5 Megapixel Negative Film & Slide Scanner - Film & Photo Scanners - DealsDirect.com.au Australia

Any thoughts from those of you who know more about photography than I do?