My DS thought he could go straight into dad's business fitting bathrooms , but after his work experience hubby could see it was not for him. He is more into sales, (makes a bomb selling cans of coke and kitkats as school!!!) and sport.

Yesterday he asked if I wanted to go to the 6th form opening evening. Ears prick up and asked him why, and he said well I don't want to stay on but would rather go to college and do sport.

For the last 2 years I have been telling him he could do this but he said no want to earn some money!!!

Anyway he has now decided to go to college and do a sports course, he is at a school that is classed as a specialist sports college and he has done a diploma in sports and one in sociology and expected to get a merit in both. Football mad, and plays for a local team.

I then told him if he did well he could go to uni as now the University of Kent and Greenwich has been built locally and apparently is going to be one of the major university's in that course.

Only thing is he would love to be a football coach but not sure how he would do this or what courses he has to do, to do this, does anyone know?

I am just thankful he has decided not to leave school and waste his life and at the end of the day he will have plumbing to fall back on!

At least the 11 year old knows what she wants to do!