The LCROSS Lunar Impact project has proven there are significant amounts of water at the lunar Southern Pole Nasa announced.

This could be potentially huge for several reasons with regard to us going back to the moon and for long term stays on the moon

It could be drunk, changed into breathable O2 or even converted into hydrogen and oxygen for rocketfuel for ongoing flights to Mars in the future

It is also proof of water outside our planet and opens more questions about extraterrestrial life.

I appreciate its pretty but I found it very interesting and exciting. Patrick Moore said there was no chance of them finding any ! but the one impact threw up many gallons apprently!

I forget the cost of gettinga glass of water to the ISS but its a huge amount

I'm sure this will further strengthen the Ares / Constellation programme.

It is my honest hope that space exploration and travel will in some way have a positive impact on interational relations ; I wasn't alive when Armstrong set foot on the moon, but I imagine it was one of only a few moments in history when the world was united , even if just for a few minutes; I honestly believe when we go back people will feel the same. I know its a bit star trek - bu its amazing how may astronauts have had life changing epiphonies when looking at Earth from space, battle hardened marines brought to tears by the fragility of the earth they see below and the futility of the wars being faught down there - fleas arguing over who owns the dog.

Anyway - anyone who thinks astronomy is a dead subject needs to think again there are things being found every day! - the NASA app Brit suggested is great and the RSS feeds update very regulalry to make you feel part of it all