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Thread: EPCOT tradition "Lights of Winter" confirmed cancelled

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    Disney has officially cancelled the much loved Lights of Winter Archway of lights found every year at EPCOT.

    "Note:The Lights of Winter at Epcot has been enjoyed for years. But tech to operate the lights is obsolete, prompting us to retire the lights"

    EPCOT christmas won't be the same without it and if the technology operating it became out of date, surely new technology could have been employed to keep it going?
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    I know. I think it's just a stinking shame. I remember the first time these lights went up and how incredibly beautiful they were. I am really sorry to see them no longer a part of Christmas/Holidays at WDW.

    I honestly don't mind change, but this is not one of those sensible moves. They kill Night Before Christmas and replace with a lame show, and now because "technology" hasn't kept up they discontinue a beautiful part of the decorations for Christmas?

    Ugh. I'm trying really hard to not go off here... I wonder if I'll succeed...

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    We really missed it this year and thought it was just because we were there too early and it hadn't been put up yet.

    EPCOT christmas without the arch? Can't imagine it.
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    Let's hope with the next year they will have something else up, even more beautiful!

    (I'm trying to be positive polly here)

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    That's a good thing. We like Positive Pollys! That's a thing to look forward to.

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    Lets hope when we return next year there will be something new to see..

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    NOOOOOO! Oh I hate this. It was always so beautiful to walk under the arch & when they danced to the music....sigh.... it was beautiful! I shall miss it
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigThunder, post: 177216
    It was always so beautiful to walk under the arch & when they danced to the music....sigh.... it was beautiful! I shall miss it
    Me too. It was also 'romantic' to walk through the arch on your way out of the park with the lights above you. Does anyone need a bucket

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    you're so romantic Diane!

    i can be positive too but i need to grieve first

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