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Thread: Need some very basic info on i-macs

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    My dad took me to see the computer at the ford factory he worked at all his life it filled almost a cathedral sized space and ran off punched hol readers. I remember the glee the chap who ran it took in prounouncing it's power and now when my compuer comes it will have a 1tb drive. At the time a mb would have been science fiction

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith, post: 177544
    watching the alternate stripy lines and listening to the tones and saying ooo thats a screen image, thats data, and ARGGHGH nooooo it's gone too narrow, it'll stop now
    Dur......dit. Dur.. Diddledidddledidddlediddlechzzzzzt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 177563
    Dur......dit. Dur.. Diddledidddledidddlediddlechzzzzzt
    Start of loading process ARHGHGHGHGH GNOOONNONONONONOON make it stop
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