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Thread: Magic Kingdom from Downtown Disney

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    I'm not sure if I made a planning error. Is there a way to eat lunch at T-Rex and then get to Magic Kingdom. And then get back to our car afterward. (It will be late as we are doing mickey christmas party. Thanks for any suggestions

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    You cannot go directly from DTD to any park. You will have to route yourself to the park on a resort bus. It's very infrequent, but during peak times drivers have been known to ask for resort room cards to be certain the only people using the buses are registered guests.

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    Better off just taking your car after you've finished at DTD.

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    We would get one of the Disney resort buses to the Grand floridian and then the monorail to the Magic Kingdom - at least thats what we did in Feb after eating at the T-rex. Getting back to the car would mean the same round trip though so its a bit of a pain

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    I think you can do it, just takes some time. You can get to MK from any of the resorts so just grab the first or least crowded bus you see come at the DTD busstop & when you get off the bus at the resort, the busstop to go from there to MK should be within a few feet. After you are done at the Xmas party at MK however I'm not thinking there is a DTD bus. YOu could always do the same thing by catching a bus to a resort & then going to DTD or you could walk over to The Contemporary & catch a bus there. You need to make sure that the time the party is over that the busses from the resorts are still running to DTD...they do run late but I'm not sure what time the Xmas party is over.
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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone

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    Personally, I would just drive. The travel time with taking the buses can take a long while, it would be much quicker with your car.

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