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Thread: Big thumbs up for Virgin

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    I know Virgin sometimes come in for a bit of stick but I booked my WDW holiday for next year yesterday and quite honestly I couldn't have had a better person to speak to. I originally phoned on Friday to book the holiday using Miles + Money but couldn't confirm the holiday as had to get DGD's best friend's parents to confirm if she could come with us. I spoke to someone called Jane who promised to ring me back yesterday at around 12.00pm (how many times have people promised to ring you back and never do?). Well at 11.45am yesterday morning Jane duly phoned back and we eventually spent an hour on the phone sorting everything out (thank goodness Virgin were paying for the call). She was absolutely brilliant to deal with and I am seriously thinking of phoning Virgin to say how well I was treated. So... next year we're flying PE to Orlando, staying once again at the BC (I really wanted to stay at the Polynesian but hey ho! BC is absolutely great). We're only having one room at the moment but as I booked the hotel separately with Disney I may change that as I'm not sure I can spend 24 hours for 14 days with 2 sixteen year olds before I may have to kill one of them, so I may change the booking nearer the time and get a room there to myself, if I can save enough money. I will now have another countdown to replace the SDD I'm doing at the moment

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    Well done Jane from Virgin
    You find folk are all too quick to complain when something goes wrong but when someone has done a great job for you, they very rarely get a mention!

    Thanks for letting us know Val

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    Thats fab news pal doesnt it make such a difference is it just you and the 2 girls going Val ? if it is you are very brave lol how long are you going for this trip no not the one with the girls ya know this one nearly there i do know but my brain has malfunctioned for some strange reason, lol
    Love Jacqui xxxx

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    I find virgin are normally pretty good, if you get a chance i would let virgin know how helpful she was. Enjoy your trip

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