its ok i hve blcked out before, its all in hand with my specialist, but this time, it was the damn hair colour, bleach/amonia tht caused it....sometimes if i get up to fast i get a bit light headed and dizzy, but i just stand still for a few secs and then im ok, the last time i balcked out was 18months ago caused thru getting up to fast.

krista, i have a serious lung condition called primary pulmonary arterial hypertension see the link below to see what it is

im touched by all of your concerns, and i really appreciate your meesages thank you

it will never happen to me whilst driving so no worries there, i lat dvla know and they said its not on the list so im ok to drivem there as or never will be a problem there

helly i know what you mean, and its not that, that caused it lmao