Not sure how many folks here might be affected by the ongoing absorption of Northwest Airlines into Delta; but on the off chance that it could be helpful, I thought I'd share my experience.

We just received our Disney Express packet of luggage tags and information for the express shuttle from Orlando's airport. So far, so good.

Then, in the following day's mail, a notice arrived from my travel agent. She needed to inform us that our flight information had changed. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the departure times seemed to be only slightly changed (by about five minutes on the flight to Florida, and by 45 minutes later for the flight home). I got worried only when I noticed the flight numbers themselves were changed, and then reached near-panic mode when I saw that our Magical Express packet contained the old flight numbers.

I dialed the Magical Express customer service number and spoke with a really terrific lady named Janet. She let me know that the change in flight numbers was strictly due to the merger between Delta and Northwest, and that Disney's Magical Express wouldn't have any difficulty changing their information to match; in fact, she made the change while I was on the phone, and then gave me the green light to just write in the new flight numbers on my packet for my own reference.

She recommended that I call back within 48 hours of each flight just to be 100% sure that no other changes are made, but overall, it was a totally painless experience. I (once again) had gone from zero to heart attack in three seconds flat---but this time, it turned out just fine. Good news, LOL...especially since this is the first time I've traveled with my kids as the only grownup, and I'm notoriously bad at getting all the t's crossed and the i's dotted!

Just wanted to let people know, if you're traveling on Delta anytime soon, you might want to give them a call (or ask your travel agent to do so), in case your flight numbers or times have shifted!