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Thread: What is the best delux resort for toddlers

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    Hi all, im planning my two little girls it will be there first disney trip and they will be 2 and 4 when we go. I just wanted to pick you guys brains on which is the best delux resort for toddlers.

    my wife and i have stayed at akl befor and that seemed like a good place for toddlers we just dont know if any of the other hotels would be a better choice.

    Many thanks for the help in advance

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    I don`t think you can go wrong with any of the deluxe resorts if you have toddlers.
    I`m a little biased here seeing as we love the GF so much, however there always seems to be families with small children who stay there.
    The GF has a pool area mainly for children and they even have a shallow splash pool in the main pool area.
    Add onto this the beach and the GF`s close proximity to the MK, it would certainly get my vote in this instance.

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    I think the decision would be driven by what interests the children the most. If they love animals, then AKL would be ideal. If they like to be near the MK, then you have three choices on the monorail.

    Wilderness Lodge is a beautiful deluxe resort, but does have the smallest resort rooms for a deluxe.

    Our personal favorite is the Beach Club because we love the pool there.

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    originally we thought akl would be best as we have stayed there before and the eldist loves animals as well as mini mouse. With this being the only place we have stayed at online we didnt really know what the others had to offer toddlers. The more you look into it the harder the decision seems to get

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    Isn't that the truth? Keep in mind that we are not fans of BWI/V, so what I'm about to say may not be useful, but it would be my last choice for toddlers. We stayed there with our Seth when he was two. Firstly, the walk from the lobby entry to the room was so long (no kidding at all) we had to use the stroller because it was too far for him to walk comfortably. The villa overlooked the boardwalk itself, and the noise kept him and I awake, and or woke us early. The staff were non-existant when we needed some minor assistance and the hallways were grubby.

    Now, add to that the fact that I strongly dislike clowns and the pool area looks like something right out of Stephen King's It, and you can see why we'd not be quick to recommend this resort. Also, not having a dedicated restaurant was a pain in the neck too.

    So there! Did that help? :wink:

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    lol, that was indeed helpful tink, that confirms what we though about the bwi/v with it being an entertainmant area it just looks like it will always be noisy therefore making afternoon naps hard work. I also agree about the stephen king bit that pool just doesn't seem right to me!

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    you know if i were taking little ones i'd go for all stars movies for the theming - i love the deluxes but don't see them as 'disneyfied' as the value resorts.

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    Oh It, that was a good movie. Haven't seen that one in ages.

    I personally think it would be easier to stay on the monorail as you will be spending loads of time at MK. Traveling can be tiring, so just hopping on the monorail would be really nice.

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    We went in September with an 18 month old.

    We stayed for 5 nights at WL and for 3 nights at AKL... I have to say both resorts are gorgeous...

    We loved how close WL was to MK, and Tatiana loved the boat ride to get there... She also really enjoyed the bunnies and especially the DUCKS sharing the pool
    The lobby is fantastic, the rocking chairs are really relaxing while the kids run to and from the small bridge and throw coins into it...

    However.... We found AKL to have more activities for her... she LOVED playing the African instruments with the CMs, watching the animals from our balcony, going to storytime by the fire pit, AND the free entry pool just had her giggling and running in and out of it forever!!!!

    We havent stayed at other deluxes, but we did had dinner at the Beach Club, and although I thought the place was spectacular I found it a bit too fancy for an 18month old to be running about hahahaha... felt a bit uncomfortable to let the monster on the loose hahahahaha

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    Many thanks for all the advice and help guys. Katie and I really enjoyed AKL when we stayed there and I konw our eldest would as well. I think the issue comes when we think how much time we will be spending at MK so a monorail resort or WL may make more sense.

    Personally I dont fancy staying in a resort that is spread out which is the reason we were looking at the delux resorts.

    Decisions decisions

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