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Thread: New year at disney

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    Not long now we are so excited we are there from the 26th Dec to 9th Jan :-) we are looking for something to do for New year. We would like to see the fireworks in disney but hear we have to be in the park for about 9am otherwise they won't let us in is that right? Does anyone know a way around this can you go get your hand stamped and come back?

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    Unfortunately no. The parks close in stages. If you are on site you stand a better chance of being able to get into one of the parks. But if you go and leave you can't necessarily be guaranteed re-entry into the same park if it reaches capacity. I have never done NYE at a park but I hear that EPCOT is easier to get into than MK.

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    There are three firework shows available at Disney. Which park are you most interested in? That is the first decision you need to make.

    Then, you need to decide if you want to be in that particular park for the entire day.

    EPCOT is set up differently than the other parks (well, that's a bit silly to say as each park has its own unique set up) which affords the illusion of having more personal space. I say illusion because I've been in EPCOT on NYE when it was literally shoulder to shoulder.

    If you want to have a drink to ring in the New Year, then you'll want to choose DHS or EPCOT as there is no alcohol available in MK.

    EPCOT often has two showings of Illuminations on NYE, one much earlier in the evening to allow families with small children to be able to see the show and have their children in bed at a reasonable time. (Or at least before 1:00 am).

    So! All that to say, you need to decide which park appeals the most and then make plans to be there earlier enough to gain entry.

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    Thanks for the info. Maybe we will try Epcot then if thats a bit easier we just wanted to see the fireworks for new year. Didn't think about MK not having alcohol thanks for the reminder because it would be nice to have a drink to see the new year in

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    One of the fun aspects of EPCOT on NYE is that you can celebrate the "New Year" in the UK prior to its acutally being midnight, eh? They do a little festive bit and it's quite fun! You can then move on (quickly! LOL) to France and or Germany.

    There are different events (just for the NYE holiday) throughout the world showcase and up in Future World. It's our favorite park, can you tell?

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    Thanks Tink that does sound really good we can say we celebrating new year in lots of different countries :-) my little girl will love that :-)

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