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Thread: That's funny this ain't St Lucia Trip report Day 2 pt2

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    Day 2 pt2
    The flight and the first night
    The cabin crew make another drinks round and then the movies start up. There is a good selection of films but I never can get really into them on a flight so I just leave the flight map on and watch episodes of Family guy and Fawlty towers which I had loaded on to my PSP and listened to some podcasts and a bit of my audio book on my Ipod. DW watched My sisters keeper which she said was good but sad and DM read and did crossword puzzles. When the meal trolley came around we had a choice of beef stew, chicken and brown rice or some sort of vegetarian option. We all plumped for the beef which came with a nice warm bread roll small salad to start GU chocolate and raspberry pud and cheese and biscuits. There was red and white wine offerings but as I was going to be driving when I get there I opted for a diet coke. I must say it was very tasty and we all finished the lot which is unusual for my DM as she hates airline food and never touches it. The cabin crew are excellent they are cheerful and nothing is too much trouble making 4 or 5 drinks rounds and making my DM a cup of tea any time she wants it. There is orange juice and water and a bowl of fruit left out at the back of the cabin so you can help yourself We then got served little pots of Haagen daz ice cream and an hour and a half before landing we get a choice of a ham and mayo or cheese and tomato chutney sandwich with a chocolate chip cookie and tea or coffee which hits the spot. Before we know it we are on the ground wow the flight really seemed to pass quite quickly I think the fact that we had given up smoking since our last trip to Florida made the whole thing more comfortable and bearable. We are among the first off the A/C and head for immigration my DW and I are though very quickly but boy oh boy didn't the officer give my DM a grilling we tried to wait for her but was quite sternly ordered to move along even after saying this was my 70 year old DM. So we walked over to the baggage claim keeping her in sight all the time and it was a good 5 mins before he let her go. When she got over to us she was telling us all he kept on about was how much money did she have to which she replyed $1000 + a credit card and he was saying there is no way that is enough for a trip to Florida and how was she going to support herself for the duration I mean I know they have a job to do but really. Anyway when she told him that we had the Disney dining plan he calmed down a bit and let her through. The bags soon came up and I was glad to see the trolleys are free again in the baggage reclaim. We didn't do the double bag drop to save time and there were Virgin reps everywhere directing us to dollar even though I know it like the back of my hand it's kind of reassuring that they are there. We make our way to Dollar an low and behold we are the only ones there so it is straight up to the desk, we had booked a fullsize and the first thing he said was I will see if I have a charger for you which he did (sweet) he did not try any hard sell or anything but I did ask him about the roadside assist which I took for $65. We were then taken to the car it was a lovely looking white one I was quite surprised to see it had 49,000 miles on the clock however there wasn't a mark on it.

    30 minutes later we are pulling in to the Rosen plaza carpark which would be our home for the next 4 days. Check in was quick and quite friendly although not overly so and we were given connecting pool view rooms on the 7th floor. The rooms are quite nice but are showing signs of age and there was quite a bit of dust around which we decide see if the maid sorts out in the morning and have a word if she doesn't. Also the tv is very old and the picture is awful.

    The bathroom however has a distinctly budget hotel look and feel to it very small, there is nothing special about it at all, the Quality inn plaza bathroom is as good if not better and that is 3* this is 4*.

    I know it might sound petty but I am just telling you my feelings about it as it might help others decide which hotel to choose. We all decide we are a bit peckish so we go down to the lite bite deli for a sandwich where the most miserable person in the word works I had read things about him before on Tripadvisor but thought people were being over sensitive WRONG. I ordered the downtown sandwiches and walked across to the other side to get some self serve tea and coffee. The next thing I hear is him screaming at me not to walk off as I had to tell him what was in it as how was he supposed to know. Anyway a few stern words were had with him and to cut a long story short he didn't say anything else and made the sandwiches which I took to the check out 3 sandwiches 2 hot teas one coffee $37 and not even a smile from her . Yes that is not a typo $37 and they were vile no more lite bite deli for us. So off to bed it was and I expect we will all be up 3am!

    Day 2 DONE

    Disney's Beach Club paradise found!

    Quality inn international :- 91,92.
    Quality inn plaza :- 93,95,
    Clarion plaza (now rosen plaza) :- 96,99,00
    Sheraton world :- (Married there in '97)
    Holiday inn international :- 02,04
    Wyndham Orlando :- 06
    Disney's Beach Club :- 09

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    In the red...
    I might go to that hotel just to visit the miserable sandwich person.

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    Lol me too! Enjoying the trippie.

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    Thank you very much for your review of the Rosen. We've often wondered how it was inside (as we've only been there to have Christmas buffett once and it was ermmmm...not something we chose to ever repeat)!

    I'm not impressed at all with the hotel room. It is not at all what I expected from a Rosen hotel.

    As for the sandwich person! Absolutely wrong! I wonder how on earth that person keeps the job?!

    Perhaps we should have a Secrets meet there... could be a learning experience for said sandwich maker, eh? Humph!

    Thank you for your reports!

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    The sandwich person sounds like the soup guy from Seinfeld. But at least on the show they put up with him due to the really good soup. "No soup for you!"

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