As most of you may know I moved about 3 weeks ago, well it wasn't expected and really didn't come at the right time of year, well here is what happened.

I have been a city council tenent for about 13 years now and had lived in my flat for about 12 of them, I had been hoping to moved to a house for a long time just so the children could have a garden, we had looked to buying but couldn't really efford at the time to buy.
Well I had been bidding on empty homes with the council for a number of years but with no luck until in November when my phone rang and it was a lady from homemove, she explained I had been offered a house and that I was 1st on a list of 3 people to be offered this house so if I wanted it, it was mine. Well I'm not left speechless very offen but this day I was and I spent the whole day in shock.
We were told the house was having work done on it and that we couldn't look until the 1st December (that was hard) we did drive around the area and have a look at the house from outside. We were pretty sure we would take it but didn't tell anyone or start packing until we had seen inside and said yes, which of cause we did. We were then told we could move in on the 5th December,but our flat had to be empty and key returned by the 7th, so we had a week to pack and get moved.

This is were the fun began, I managed to get a 2 bedroom flat packed in 2 days, we were meant to move on the Sunday but had to change it to the Saturday for insurance reasons, (something to do with it costing double on the sunday for the company to insure the vans.)
Well we managed to get someone who was a friend of a friend to lay all the carpets in the house before we got there to move our stuff in.
We spent all day saturday moving and trying to unpack as much as we could as we had to remove all the carpets and anything else we had put in the flat ready for the Monday, we spent all day Sunday at the flat removing any last bits and making sure it was clean and tidy.
I returned on the monday to double check and then handed the keys back, in the mean time we were having a few problems at the house, right here goes:-

1.No gas as the bolier wasn't working, as you could imagine the house was very cold due to being empty for some time.
2. Sky came to fit the boxes in 3 rooms and what a mess he made, (turned out he wasn't from sky he was a private contractor) we had to ring sky to arrange for someone else to come and put right what he messed up.
He fitted 2 dises on the side of the house because he didn't have the right bit just the have one,(these bits cost 95 and he only gets paid 60 to fit) he said we didn't need phone lines connected to any of the boxes (big lie)
3. The shower was broken and was leaking water so this had to be shut down, not a problem if your not 6 foot and the bath to a small size. new one was fitted a week later.
4. no cold water in the bathroom sink.
5. Open waste pipe in the bathroom.
6. Gas was final turned on on the Tuesday but we had to call them out 3 times as there was something wrong with the back boiler, (hate back boilers)
7. the last person who lived here had run up big debts on her gas and electric 130 in total, we had to pay this to be able to get any gas or electric in the house. I wasn't very happy to do this but as she kay key and card meters there was no other way, (I have got my money back since.)
8. We had no keys to any of the windows and they were all locked, hubby found them in an outside carboard.
9. This house has 3 outside doors, (front door, back door and a door from from the kitchen) well the kitchen door didn't have a key. Someone had to come out to change the locks.
10. We should of had broadband turned on for the 18th but it didn't go on till the 21st due to sky not doing they job right.
I'm sure there is more but I think that is enough.
Well after a whole week of workmen in and out for different things I had begun to think maybe I shouldn't have moved, but since then we have managed to get the house as sorted as we can until the new year when we start getting the house looking how we want it, decorating and things.

We are really happy to be here now and the boys love it, to make it even more special we have had lots of snow and the kids have been able to play for the first time in the garden with no one else playing in they snow. (the garden is very big)
They are still a few little thing the council need to sort out but that can wait, I am going to make a complaint about the amount of things the house had wrong with it.