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Thread: Attn Skywatcher

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh.p., post: 182699
    If only their insurance was half price...

    Josh (who is still carless and hating it)
    argh dude, I know you won't listen or agree :) but the longer you can put off buying a money pit the better. I love my cars but insurance, tax, petrol, breakdowns, scratches, bumps, mots, servicing and generally other utter idiots on the road all conspire to make it an expensive experience.

    You're buying at a time when the poor little car is being demonised by the greenies and the government is therefore able to extract every last pound (money and flesh) a car driver has without fear "It's for the environment".
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    I have to hop on here with Keith. I promise you Josh, I know what it is like to be without a car (especially when it seems like all one's friends have them) but it's a lifetime drain on your pocketbook. It's not the purchase price so much (as you may have learned) but the insurance, the registration, the yearly inspections (if you have that requirement there) the upkeep, the regular maintenance, the tyres, and as Keith has said the repairs as a result of some eejit who doesn't keep his car under control.

    Put it off as long as you can... listen to us O Young Man... we Elders know of what we speak! (Sorry about the Elder bit there, Keith)!

    Now, as for the screen wash, what is it you use on your iMac? I had someone tell me to us an alcohol prep wipe on the lenovo's screen. I haven't yet...

    Welcome to our new home! It's a lovely and friendly place. If you haven't joined yet, do register. It's a great place to make friends and share all those Disney secrets!!

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