my son mikey was out on christmas eve up the high street for a drink and to celebrate with his friends, still dont know the full story as mikey has no memory of what went on, but....

we got a call from his friend on mikes cellphone, telling us that mike had been attacked outside the winebar for no reason.
he was knocked unconcious, fell to the ground, hit his head on the kerb and cracked his head open.
when we got there he was on a stretcher, flitting in and out of conciousness, police everywhere and paramedics and an ambulance in attendance.

OMG i was nearly losing it, i couldnt breath and had to walk away as i couldnt bear the sight of my son laying on that stretcher with blood everywhere.

we then followed the ambulance to the A&E dept in the next town where we just sat waiting for 2 hrs..we got news he had brain trauma, but was ok

hes now out of hospital but has a massive headache and we have to keep a close eye on him for a week