Oh yes, that's the fallout, isn't it! You have to be able to take a joke as well as deal them out! (So many can't, isn't that silly)?

I like a giggle as much as the next person, but have a quirked sense of humor so what I find funny, most don't.

On one April Fool's day someone in our office put life size and very realistic cockroaches on everyone desk (in very believable places). THAT was hysterical!

I fell for it hook, line and sinker and was SO proud of myself for not shrieking and just flicking the thing (with a sheaf of papers) into the trash, tying up the bag and presenting it to the office... Ayuh, laugh was on ME!

There were other co-workers who did similar things. One man, was too funny as he skittered his chair across his office shouting.

That sort of thing is funny... at least to me.

We never did find out who did it.