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Thread: Moonlighting

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    I used to love that show. They had awesome chemistry. I didn't even know it was out on DVD. Sounds like a great present.

    Cybil Sheppard's other show, Cybil, was hilarious. That one had Christine Baranski in it.

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    Didn't a couple of Temptations turn up on one episode?

    Amazing how many of us grew up loving that show.

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    Speaking of the Temptations, they are appearing at some little hotel in Plant City, Fl. You know, the strawberry place?

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    Bruce Willis's hair!!!!!!!!!!!! and Maddie's suits,just loved them. But Miss D'pesto was the best.

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    It was probably one of the first ever programmes that had the characters interacting with the viewers. The comedy the chemistry and the stories were all just sublime.

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    One of the true greats I agree wonderful chemistry
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