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Thread: Happy new year everyone!

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    It's been a great 2009 for us here at Disney Secrets!

    Lots of new friends and catching up with old friends we've dearly missed

    When we started this forum just a year and a half ago, I never dreamed that we'd do so well and have so many wonderful people posting here. Thank you all so very much for taking time out of your day to come here and share with us all.

    All of this is only made possible by the support of our forum sponsors so a huge thanks to all our villa sponsors, our travel agents and everyone else who helps keep this site going.

    Special thanks as always to our wonderful moderators who do so much work behind the scenes to keep this the most wonderful and friendly place to visit. It takes a lot more than you'd think behind the scenes to keep going and I hope you'll agree, they do a wonderful job.

    Finally, extra special thanks to my co-admin Tink who has been here since day one giving up far more of her time than we have a right to expect to keep our community warm, welcoming and always true to the highest standards. We promised a new start for everyone here and it's Tink who constantly ensures we deliver on our promises. Tink, I can't thank you enough for everything

    Look forward to seeing you all here in 2010 and tell all your friends to join too!

    Happy new year everyone wherever you are in the world tonight, whatever you're doing and whenever your 2010 begins, I wish you all health and happiness.
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    awww that's lovely Keith.

    To all my very dear friends, you truly helped and supported me during the worst time in my life and are still doing so, you cared for our beautiful Sarahjane and her family and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are.

    I wish you all a healthy and happy 2010.

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    Lots of love to you allxxxx. Tink, you rock x

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    To be honest, I use to find new year's eve depressing....another year gone, just like that. But in the last few years, new year's eve has changed. It's not saying goodbye to another year, but saying hello to new beginnings and fresh starts. It's a renewing of sorts.

    I am so thankful for all of you! Whether I needed the latest disney info or an ear to listen, I can always find both here.

    Thank you to all the admins and mods that make this site warm, friendly and quite funny at times!

    I hope that everyone has a wonderful upcoming year! May the positives always out weigh the negatives!

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    Yeppers Thank you to everyone here XXX This site ROCKS! totally! Thank you to Keith, this site has allowed me to catch up and be with old friends again and to just chill out and have fun whilst getting the latest on Disney. The friendliness here and the humour is fantastic, there really is no other Disney site like it and believe me.... I know! Thanks to the Mods and Admin for helping keep this place running XXXXXXXXXX Love and licks X

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    Happy New Year to all.

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    Happy New Year! It's a wonderful thing to be looking forward to promise, and future and the unknown, isn't it? I particularly like the unknown, it's linked to promise.

    Thank you to each one of you who comes here daily, or weekly, or monthly, or once in awhile. Your contributions make this site whole. Without your personal addition to this community, we would not be what we are.

    Our sponsors, aren't they the best? They join in and allow us to know them, just like we've come to know one another. (And don't they just have gorgeous villas, our villa sponsors? ). Our Travel Agents truly are the best in the business. They care, that's what makes the difference.

    And of course, to paraphrase Walt, "it was all started by a Man.." that would be our Keith, eh? He's the "Never Sleeping One" who is always there when anyone needs help, info, support, a shoulder, a laugh... without him, of course we would not be.

    Our team of forum hosts. Aren't they the best in the whole darn world? I mean seriously, they play, they work (oh, how they work) they truly care about the decisions that are made here. They come together and understand that our members are our strength, are what we are! (And boy do they discuss... ).

    To each of you reading this, member, sponsor, moderator, guest... thank you for being here, for forging this strong sense of community, for sharing your love of Disney and for sharing yourself. That is the greatest gift.

    Happy 2010. May it shine on and bring us all good things.

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    I hope everyone's 2010 is filled with magic, celebrations, family, peace, and love! Happy New Year!

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    This thread has made me all slushy! Happy New Year to all my Secrets Friends.

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    Words just aren't enough - this is the happiest little corner of the internet , because of everyone on here and what everyone gives of themselves. To all my friends old and new the happiest healthiest and warmest of new years wishes

    carpe diem

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